Graceades Cottage - About Us

Welcome to Graceades Cottage.

Graceades Cottage is an integrated community hub that is inclusive and responsive to local needs. The centre, in Bidwill, provides resources and programs with a focus on education, vocation, health, leisure and recreation. Graceades Community Cottage was originally formed by a group of residents in 1980. The name originated from the combination of the two street names in the complex where the cottage was located: "Gracilis" Way and "Oreades" Way.

  • Our Mission

  • By providing an efficient level of service provision and innovative work practices, Graceades Cottage aims to create and integrated community hub that inclusive and responsive to local community needs.
  • Our Values

  • By providing diverse services that offer equal access to all who live in the community we continue to build effective partnerships and networks that assist in supporting and promoting stronger communities that are sustainable.
  • Our Vision

  • Mt Druitt, a community that is: Committed to social justice, caring and cohesive, informed, proactive, resilient, respectful, responsive, strong, united, and vibrant. In turn, has pride and a strong voice for individuals in need.

Meet Our Team

  • Patricia Formosa - Manager
  • Ivanka Pelikan
    Team Leader Community Development
  • Brenda Ransom - Administration

Meet Our Executive Team

  • Lynda Murphy - President
  • Elaine Parker - Vice President
  • Barbara Hopkinson - Treasure
  • Leanne Murray - Secretary
  • Julie Britton - Board Member
  • Carol Appleby - Board Member
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