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A message from our President

On behalf of the Board of Management, Graceades Community Cottage, I welcome you to the Annual General Meeting and Report to the year ending 30 June 2015

The Management Board wishes to thank all Graceades Cottage staff for their outstanding work throughout the year.

We thank Ivanka for all the hard work and effort in organising the event, co-ordinating programs and managing the students. With Janice they head their amazing team of casual employees, volunteers and student placements who work with children, young people and families across Mt Druitt, providing services, programs and support wherever needed. You truly are the heart and soul of Graceades Community Cottage.

We thank our Manager, Patricia, for overseeing the operations of Graceades Cottage through another busy and frustrating year. She has supported staff who continue to work with the Mt Druitt Community, while waiting decisions and announcements from funding bodies and government departments that may change the way the cottage works.

We thank Brenda for the professional and capable way she carries out her admin and bookkeeping duties. She truly is an asset to the Cottage.

Once again Ivanka has shown her special skills to organise a High Tea. It was held at the Heritage Cottage, Plumpton, the weather was awful but the tea and food were of a very high standard. Some of us hadn't been to a high tea before, so it was a real treat. We were even allowed to roam through the cottage and take photos. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and a big thank you to all that helped to make this a special day.

Some of us were very fortunate to go on a Harbour Cruise which came about by a volunteer worker telling his boss about the cottage and all their work they do for the community. The owner then decided he would treat the workers to a luncheon on his luxury boat.What an outing.

After the viewing of Struggle street, Ben Fordham contacted the cottage to see if he could help with upgrading the cottage (through his radio station show) and he came to the cottage to meet us and asked if we had a wish, what would we like to have done. Made us feel special.

Sadly my husband Stan (known as precious to the quilting group) passed away on 27th October. I would like to thank everyone for their support at this difficult time.

In closing I would like to thank the Management Board members for their support throughout the year. The cottage has achieved positive outcomes for the community and hopefully can continue with this year ahead.

Kaye Reeder - President

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