• 2018-2019
    AGM Report
    Our AGM Report and all we have accomplished
    together in our community is here
    Graceades Cottage is an integrated community hub that is inclusive and responsive
    to local needs. The centre, in Bidwill, provides resources and programs with a focus
    on education, vocation, health, leisure and recreation.
  • 30 Years of
    Friday afternoon 30 Year Celebration Carnival went off with a "BANG".
    Over 350 people rocked up, Thanks to the Community for making it a GREAT DAY.
    Thanks to all our helpers… COULDN'T HAVE DONE IT WITH OUT YOU!

2GB 873AM

Struggle Street renovation. Ben catches up with Ivanka from Graceades Cottage.

Struggle Street

Struggle Street is a TV series, which aired on SBS One by Screen Australia and KEO Films Australia. - Learn More >

Youth Shed

Graceades provides state of the art gym equipment and programs for a healthy lifestyle - Learn More >

  • Access

    Access to Phone - Fax - Photocopier - Computers - Internet.

  • Social

    Community Involvement - Recreational and Cultural Activities.

  • Advocacy

    Information and Referral.

  • Work Development

    Orders for people needing to pay off State Dept Fines.

  • Meeting place

    Connect with locals across Generational - Cultural - Geographical and Social Boundaries.

  • Programs

    Outreach Programs and The Shed - Drop in for young people.

What People Say About Graceades Cottage Graceades empowers people from all walks of life!

I cannot thank enough Graceades and the workers for giving the opportunities, advice, and experience I have received here. As a student on placement I was allowed to go to meetings, connect with clients, represent the cottage. Not only did I complete all my work place hours but received high distinctions in all my work placement assessments, wowed my TAFE placement visitor with the feedback of my work here given by the manager. - Catherine Felstead   Work Placement Student
As part of completing the Diploma of Community Service Work, I was required to complete 240 hours of work placement. This is where I made a very deliberate choice of going to Graceades Cottage. At Graceades I was able to connect the theory with the practical hands on experience of community development. I honestly can say I have learned a great deal from coming to Graceades Cottage and working with Ivanka and the community. It has helped shape the worker I am and will be in the future and would love to say a big thank you for the hands on experience. - Danielle McFadyen   Work placement Student

Help Graceades Cottage empower and enrich lives. Graceades Community Cottage appreciates your helping hand towards building an inclusive and sustainable community.